Tablo (Feat. Bumkey) – From The Bottom (밑바닥에서)

pop!gasa - kpop translation lyrics

* Oh, even if all the tears of the world
Are welled up in my small eyes
I wish I could shed your tears as well

You just had to meet me when I was at rock bottom
Whenever you smile, my heart aches
To me, everything is guilt
Is that a half-smile?
Is that a smile that did not fully bloom because it doesn’t know a different world?
You say you’re alright but I guess I can only give you the state of being alright
Because I hated to show you this small and embarrassing empty hand,
Like a fool, I make your extended hand, an empty hand too
Earlier, maybe later – why couldn’t we have met when there was good news?
You could’ve rested under the sunlight in a green forest
But you, who walks with me in the rain under my rain cloud,
My love, an…

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